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2015-2016 Visitor Count & Final Thoughts

posted Jun 12, 2016, 10:29 PM by Patrick M Walters   [ updated Jun 12, 2016, 10:30 PM ]
We are finished for the season, had just over 2400 guests sign the visitor register, best turnout in last several years.
While I will open the library and meeting room for those who wish to use the resources in the off season, the rest of the museum will be buttoned down and covered up with plastic drop cloths until re-opening in mid to late October. Lacking a cooling system the building gets pretty warm during the summer. A few days ago it was 90 degrees in the library at 10 AM. Bats have long made their home in the museum and they are relentless with their droppings (however not many insects survive long with the bats on patrol). Fortunately the bats are not very active in the cool tourist months. I welcome any member who wishes to take on the task of ridding the museum of these flying mice. 

Lack of volunteers results in the day to day operation of the museum to be done by just a few. I have only been able to keep it open from noon to 4 PM since becoming your curator and president eight years ago. Formerly more volunteers allowed the museum to be open from 10AM to 4PM. It was common for Bob Hightower, the previous curator, to have annual visitors totals surpass 3000. [Bob and Dee Hightower continue to serve on the board of directors and through their efforts have kept the nearby Ajo mine overlook open for five days a week for this past season.]

I have been compiling a large obituary etc collection of Ajo connected people. It has nearly 3200 obituary articles and additional other items.I would love to have back issues of the Ajo Copper News …especially the years prior to 2006. I will cut out the obituaries and other items of interest. They may be dropped off at my home at 201 W. Morondo Ave., Ajo, AZ, 85321. At my home computer I have a file of over 7000 vital dates of Ajo connected people so if you are doing some family research I may be able to assist with this computer file.

Click here for a slideshow of D Day June 6, 1944. Click on the photos to make it advance. Or look for the advance and back arrows at lower left of program. The last lower left icon is an “end show” button.

As a special email bonus item I have attached a recent photo of John C Greenway’s 1924 Studebaker. It was a wedding present from the Carnegies. It was at the Greenway mansion for many years in storage until his son Jack Greenway removed it in about 1954 following the death of Isabella Greenway. It has re-emerged and is being prepared for public display in the Tucson area. A researcher, Tom Peterson, sent the photo and provided the above details.

Have a good summer.

Louie Walters 
President Ajo Historical Society
Patrick M Walters,
Jun 12, 2016, 10:29 PM